The Modern Office Space

It’s not just homes that need attention to detail and an injection of inspiration and innovation. Done correctly, an office space can become an extraordinary area that is accessible, inviting and functional. In our first article on featured spaces we look at the work done by Union3’s Interior Design team at Lifestyle Centre’s new offices in Ballito. Union3 worked closely with the project team, including owner Bruce Rencken, Murray Loder, Evolution Architects and Construction ID. The current space was completely gutted down to its basic shell and the team decided to use the exposed ceilings, influencing an industrial look and feel that was gently maintained throughout the space. Part of the brief was to join two companies that work under the same umbrella but allow them to function separately. This was achieved by encouraging natural flows and separation using office furniture combined with smart spaces. The team wanted to create a work space that the employees would be proud of, a space in which they would have an enjoyable working experience and ultimately enhance productivity. The use of comfortable and functional furniture allowed the staff to be comfortable while the space needed to be transparent to create a feeling of openness. This was done cleverly with design layout and the use of glass. Colour was used in certain elements to inject Lifestyle’s brand identity. With a particular attention to detail, excellent traffic flow, the use of materials and texture, and general ergonomics of the office Union3 believes this premium office space became home away from home for the client and is a great balance between functional and striking.

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