Spoiled for choice at Mamma G’s

Visiting Mamma G’s is always a treat and they never get it wrong – well, at least not that I know of! Plate after plate
just comes out of the kitchen; it is always amazing to watch. Well, if you are anything like me, we arrive and we don’t look at the menu (well, not really) we glance over and then order what we always order. This time Ricky was well onto us and said this time he will order our food and bring it to us on a huge platter as a share option!

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I am so glad he did that, as we were then spoiled for choice. Everything was so good and I must admit I love the bite-sized bits of everything. Ricky mentioned he is happy to do that for bigger tables if you arrange a share platter with him upfront. My mouth just waters thinking about it…grilled calamari tubes in lemon butter or cajun sauce, grilled livers in peri peri sauce, grilled haloumi cheese, calamari cajun pasta (calamari, chorizo,onion, cajun spice,garlic and fresh cream linguine, YUM), panzeroti (homemade pasta parcels filled with butternut and a butter and sage sauce) well, now that is just perfection! Then of course the ribs – always a firm favourite, grilled prawns (butterflied with a lemon butter and parsley sauce) tasty, moist, delish!A whole lemon and herb basted chicken cut into pieces, which was just perfect, and then to round that all off perfectly we shared a foccacine, with fresh tomato, rocket and feta.

Our table of seven um-d and ah-d, licked fingers, passed plates around and had a true Italian experience of sharing food.It was fantastic and I now know there is a whole lot more I love from Mamma G’s now! For dessert we shared a mountain of Oreo puffs: Oreos, dipped in an awesome pancake batter, deep fried and smothered in Bar One sauce, served with Vanilla and Caramel salted ice cream from Scoop. We rolled out of Mamma G’s a very happy and satisfied bunch and woke up the next morning, all feeling like more. That is when you know it was a GREAT meal, is when the very next day you want to go again. Obviously, we will be back!

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Review by: Lorinda Scott

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