Relaxation at Rachawadee

Whenever I’m on deadline, two friends of mine come to hang out with me. Their names are Headache and Frown, and they follow me everywhere. So, on a humid Monday morning smack in the middle of two deadlines me, Headache and Frown trudged into the Rachawadee Thai Afrique Spa in Durban North.

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I was met by bubbly owner Lauren Malan, who showed me to my first treatment: an aromatherapy full body massage with Thai masseuse Thanida. I was presented with a cup of lemon grass tea while my pumps were swapped for a pair of grass-woven slippers. Before the treatment I mentioned to Lauren that I’m violently ticklish and quite a sensitive marshmallow; she suggested I start off with this particular massage to relax me. Oh. My. Word! Thanida was absolutely phenomenal, and that’s putting it rather mildly. She uses her limbs in the massage process, often hopping up onto the massage table to knead out kinks and knots with her forearms. While she was firm with the areas in my back that were knotted, she was wonderfully gentle on sensitive areas like my neck and shoulders; where I would
generally yelp she took extra care. She stretched out my arms, legs and neck patiently and confidently, leaving me more languid than I had been in a while.

I literally poured myself off the table and into a robe, strolling through the courtyard to my next treatment. Trotting along the hushed passageways, listening to soft instrumental music and feeling the breeze tickle my skin I felt like I’d been whisked away from the world of stress to the serenity of Thailand. Rishana took my oily (extremely neglected) skin and coaxed it into submission with the earthy Esse range. The locally produced products are organic; Rishana described it as a probiotic for the skin. My tired, frowning face was massaged and treated gently, until I felt the frown lines yielding under Rishana’s persuasive hands. The Esse range is so refreshing; uncomplicated scents and feels, and so affordable!

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With a range of treatments including manicures, pedicures and waxing to steam showers, couples
massages and a traditional Thai massage, Rachawadee is a slice of heaven on earth. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and…best of all, my good friends Headache and Frown disappeared.

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