Put a Flash On It! Pt 1

In the immortal words of Beyoncé: “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.” I wonder if the diva would allow me to paraphrase. Well, here goes: “if you put a ring on it, you should photograph it.” Alright, so it doesn’t really make lyrical sense but it’s still a fantastic idea! Your engagement (I’m talking to YOU, gents) is the single most important event in your entire courtship. Yes. It’s even more important than your wedding day because without it, there is no wedding day. We chat to two local couples about why they chose to capture The Big Moment, giving them lasting memories. Here’s part one! 

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Their proposal is something out of a story book. Clint took Lynne to the quiet Treasure Beach, near the Bluff , in her custom-built Ford Lynx, which they call The Bat Mobile. They found a quiet spot and Clint pulled the ring out, stumbling over his words. “I knew what was coming,’ says Lynne. “So before he had a chance to clear his throat
and complete his sentence I said YES YES YES! We popped a bottle of champagne and spent hours kissing as if we were teenagers in love… all over again.”

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The couple decided to have a pin-up engagement shoot with Lynne’s good friend, Jade Sorenson. Lynne, who owns The Tattooed Goddess, and Clint are having a pin-up/rockabilly themed
wedding. So, Mr Browns in Umhlanga was the perfect venue for the shoot. “I dig their style and roadhouse type vibe. My favourite part of the engagement photo shoot was the outdoor shot where Clint and I were sitting outside the shop sign with our original 1971 Red Ford Fairmont GT, when our amazing photographer caught the best shot
everything in one. We loved the shoot; Jade made it super fun,exciting and comfortable to pose and be ourselves”.

Images: Jade Sorenson Photography

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