Nine years ago we started a publishing business knowing almost nothing about the industry and what was really involved in putting magazines together for residential estates. We had passion, an unbridled commitment to the model and a steely determination. In our first year we were bullish, charging ahead and signing some of the biggest estates in KZN while still being a start-up magazine business. We worked hard to breathe life into the business and make it work, it wasn’t easy but nothing of value is built quickly or easily is it? Lorinda and I did sales in the day and admin and design deep into the night. Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ was our 2am theme song and marked those moments where our third wind kicked in and we pushed on.

The business today looks very different to what it did nine years ago – we’ve got teams of people, a strong portfolio of magazines and we’ve embraced the concept that good stories want to be set free and we’ve just got to guide it into the right channel, albeit print, web or social. But even with all the growth and excitement I couldn’t shake an idea I had in that very first year. What if we could do a magazine that spanned many estates, reached home owners in different complexes and estates and shared stories about estate life, advice on of the technical and operational aspects of being in a gated community all while showcasing and celebrating why we chose this type of lifestyle? How cool would that magazine be?

Well here it is! The product of a dream that sparked an idea that saw the culmination of nine years of experience with estates and communities, finally come together and now the first edition is in your hands.
This first edition celebrates some of the finest estates in the province and it’s not by chance our very first feature estate is Palm Lakes, just north of Ballito. The owners of the estate have become good friends of ours and we’ve been inspired by their journey and how their tenacity and perseverance has seen Palm Lakes proposer. We’ve also packed this edition with stories about designing a dynamic commercial space, a great neighbourhood making a comeback, meeting an estate manager (which will be a regular feature) and a unique concept not done by any other magazine in this space – a panel of experts across various disciplines giving you free advice and guidance that’ll help make life in your estate a little easier. All round it is packed with really good content and we’re just getting started.
Enjoy this first edition of the magazine and we’ll see you every second month. We’re also available digitally with 18,000 digital subscribers and our digital edition reaches over 420 estates through our partners, Glovent.

I wonder what the next nine years will hold? I’m not sure but I’m putting in my headphones, cranking up the music and finding ‘Sweet Caroline’ – it just seems like the right way to put the finishing touches on this edition.
Till the next edition, God Bless

Justin Scott

Editor, The Estates Magazine

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